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Things girls look for in a boy:
•Day Man
•Fighter of the Night Man
•Champion of the sun
•Master of karate and friendship for everyone


this house / is home

Drake watches Shrek


He watches up to Fiona’s final transformation.

"I don’t get it, I’m supposed to be beautiful!!" Fiona cries.

"Fiona," Shrek and Drake whisper in unison, "you are beautiful".

Shrek takes his loving wife into his arms, while Drake sits on his couch


wishing love wasn’t only true in fairy tales.

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it’s iNKTOBER i gotta get GOIN!!!! make some ART!!!!!!!!!!

i can’t believe a. I’ve made it a year without working a rocky (fuck the room tho) and b. the first and possibly only rocky I’ll ever work will inevitably be goddamn HALLOWEEN ROCKY



Mac Tonight and Boltman sharing an intense intimate sexually charged embrace

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Tiny French Bulldog Puppy With A BIG Leaf!

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"You know, they straightened out the Mississippi River in places, to make room for houses and livable acreage. Occasionally the river floods these places. “Floods” is the word they use, but in fact it is not flooding; it is remembering. Remembering where it used to be. All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was. Writers are like that: remembering where we were, what valley we ran through, what the banks were like, the light that was there and the route back to our original place. It is emotional memory — what the nerves and the skin remember as well as how it appeared. And a rush of imagination if is our “flooding.”"

— Excerpt from “The Site of Memory,” Toni Morrison, What Moves at the Margin: Selected Nonfiction  (via commovente)
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Ana Serrano

"Ana Serrano is a first generation Mexican American born in Los Angeles, California in 1983. Inspired by both of the cultural contexts in her life, she creates work utilizing a variety of mediums including drawing, collage, sculpture, and motion. Her work bears reference to those in low socioeconomic positions, with particular interest in the customs and beliefs, as well as the architecture, fashion, and informal economies present
within this segment of society”

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